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Photographic Credit

By necessity, many of the photos presented on this website are from other people.  I will attempt to give credit to photographers other than myself or family members.  If you see a picture without credit and know the source, please contact me so I may update my website.

Home page:

Anna and Missy:  Lady Sadhbh; Man in tunic: Gaston Phobus Book of Hunting

Horse Barding:

Jousting: Baron Berwyn;  Northshield Queen:  Elashava bas Riva;  Dagged Trappings:  Viscountess Kassandra;  Anna and Missy with Rings: Lord Duncan

Metal Belt: 

Belt photos: Buck Productions; Austrian armor: Racaire

Barding Hints:

Caparisoned Horses:  Baron Berwyn;  Byzantine rider: Lady Sadhbh;  Delara in bag hat: Elashava bas Riva

Covered Reins:

All photos:  Elashave bas Riva

Horse in SCA:

Jousting and Mounted Combat:  Baron Berwyn; Mother/Daughter and Allisende on Rings: Lady Sadhbh; Cart: Elashava bas Riva


Anna with Regalia:  Lady Christine

Medieval Clothing:

Mongolian: Susan Malovhr; Dalmatica: A gentle from Pennsic;  Red silk dress: Sarah Lloyd; Horsehair headpiece:  Reina Gunnora;  Green dress with headpiece: Edwin atte Bridge; Magyar horse: Lord Duncan


Mounted Combat: Eleshava bas Riva;  Newspaper photo: Dan Young;  Portrait: Frese Frame Photography


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