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Griffin Needle Challenge 2011




A group of geekie sewers got together to create complete medieval outfits one sleepless night.  There was lots of loose threads, petting of fabric, hysterical laughter, and blank stares by the following evening. After a good month's rest, looking back I guess it was fun.  It was certainly a learning experience.  And we were very well fed. And some cool outfits were made







This group got together at the last minute.  Their creation was a gothic fitted dress from around the 1400s.








This outfit was from the 1500s.  It has many layers to it and is thick enough to qualify as armor protection for rapier fighting. He certainly will look fancy swishing around the rapier list!



















Her Excellency is looking fine in this sideless surcoate.  Eventually heraldic symbols will be added to the surcoate.









Ann Bolin





This team recreated a dress worn by Ann Bolin, one of the wives of Henry VIII.














This wonderful German gentleman looks right at home with the background.













our team





This was our team, you can see Susan on the right.  This was a working man's outfit from 1390-1410.  It was patterned after some that were shown in the Gaston Phobes "Book of Hunting".








middle eastern




This middle eastern woman's outfit was created after a picture.  Notice the small pouch she holds, it contains sweet smelling stuff.














These were the winners of the Pixis category. They spent hours hand felting the boots for this Scythian outfit.  The hat is felt as well.










After a long 24 hours, I look a little bedraggled.  This was our banner, the Sitchy Widgets. A widget is a buggy whip holder, a computer icon, or an imaginary object used for manufacturing theory.  I was so geeky I even hand sewed the  banner out of silk.