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medieval book

A Beastiary is a medieval book about animals.

Links to Look at:


The Leather Museum    Awesome, a whole museum devoted to leather!


Historic Enterprises  For the jousters among you, here's a resource.

Madrone Equestrian Guild  A nice site by an SCA group.

Medieval Horse Guild  Some nice pictures and historical perspectives from a non-SCA group on the East coast of the US.

Overview of Bards  A commentary on historical horse barding by a longtime SCAdian.

German Horse Barding Another SCAdian tells her horse clothing story.

Beridet Bagskytte-Mounted Archery  Awesome facebook site with lots of info.

Archery in China-1638 Another archery link.  This one is just past our time period, but its a nice translation which gives us an idea of period methods.  There is also an interesting illustration of picking arrows off the ground while mounted.


Web Gallery of Art To find the perfect outfit to sew, you first need to research what it is you want to make.  This awesome site shows thousands of pictures of artwork from a wide array of time periods.

Robin Netherton  is one of the premier researchers/reenactors when it comes to the Gothic Fitted Dress. Check out her site for how-tos as well as a collection of books she has authored.

Eithni For an overview of Pictish (an early period culture) clothing, this is an excellent site. The Pictish dress pattern can be shortened for a man's T-tunic.

Briana's Clothing  For examples of some lovely Tudor style clothing as well as some more how-tos, check out Briana's website.

Cynthia Virtue Some interesting insight into complex headwear for women.

Kingdom of Atlantia Their arts and science page has a huge listing of links for all sorts of clothing and accessories.

Disclaimer:  These links will cause you to leave the Medieval Horse and Clothing website.  The website author gives no guarantees as to the effectiveness or quality of the links listed here.